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18342229_10213417513737161_9082427309172345016_nHow’s it going? My name’s Amanda, but most people call me Mandie. (Note: I’m fundamentally bad at intro sections. Like…who am I? I go total 24601 on these things. Side note to the side note: In reference to the Les Miserables reference, I once thought taking French Literature would be a good idea. It was a TERRIBLE idea, just so you know. But they made us read part of Les Miserables and I WATCHED THE MOVIE AND STILL HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS HAPPENING. Was it poor French writing? Or poor French reading? We can take a shot, but the world will never know.)

Not Your Average Coffee Bean is a blog I started when I was 15. I have zero clue why I named it that; it was probably like, “Hey…I like coffee…I’m not super average…I KNOW WHAT WE’LL CALL IT.” And here we are, ten years later. I use this little space on the internet to be real because I’ve found that social media and blogs tend to be repetitive, boring, and unauthentic. I believe that if people were given the freedom to be real, social media would move mountains.

Ten facts about me in no specific order:

  1. I watch You’ve Got Mail at least ten times in the fall. Last fall, I sharpened enough pencils to make my own dang bouquet of sharpened pencils because THAT’S how single I am. I have zero chill.
  2. Sometimes I’m funny.
  3. But then again, sometimes I get an idea and walk off with the stove on and the fridge wide open. (Takeaway: Do not leave me by myself. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.)
  4. I’m terrible with technology. I don’t know what HTML is, Greg, just tell me what button to press and then write it down. GOSH.
  5. I got to the last season of Lost and stopped. Why do I do this.
  6. I have a cat named Schmidt. And I want another so I can name her Scherbatsky. And then I want a dog named Kerouac. We’re totally going on the road. #fiveyearplan
  7. If I could live anywhere, I’d live in Hawaii. At least in the winter time.
  8. My dream is to be an author, but I also have this dream of owning my own bookstore. (Note: I *might* have romanticized that a little…view point 1.)
  9. I drink so much coffee I’m pretty sure my body is made up of 70% coffee by this point…
  10. I have this inane love of getting stuff in the mail. Even bills excite me. You shouldn’t have, Capital One–I mean REALLY.

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