“While I’m Waiting, I Will Serve You”

28696_1497028670557_5163321_nIn journalism courses, we are taught to stick to the facts–who, what, when, where, why, how. It is not our job, as Journalists, to impose our personal opinions and change the message to suit what we want to communicate; it is our job to tell the audience what is occurring around them.

Not what you learn on CNN, huh? . . .I’m not going to comment further.

Facts, We like facts a lot. We find a story, we research the story, we report the story. It is a Journalist’s job to know what’s happening around him or her and to communicate that message with others.

A Journalist already sees the big picture of the story they’re telling. They’re the storyteller.

But unfortunately, life isn’t that way. Rather than being the storyteller, we’re all characters in the story. And we don’t always see the big picture or know what will happen. Oftentimes in these situations, rather than fall to our knees in prayer, we immediately whip up a plan that will seemingly fix everything. Everything about us screams “Fix it! NOW. Right. Now.” 

I’ve been feeling it lately. . .you know that animal-like, panicky, control-freak emotion that tells you it’s time to panic. You’re in the middle of Hurricane Katrina, grasping a humble umbrella. . .if you catch my drift.

There’s always something going on in your life–money’s a little tight, you want to lose a little weight, you had a little tiff with someone close to you. These are relatively simple fixes–cut out some expenses, eat better and exercise, talk out the problem. Piece of cake. But what about those situations, full of anxiety and stress, that you see no way out of. Maybe you have $1,000 coming in, but you need $1,500 to meet your needs.

Fix it!!

I’ve felt that way quite recently. I was anxious and frantic to change my situation or even the situations of those around me. Suddenly the weight of the world was on my shoulders, but I was clueless as to what needed to happen. Should I move? Should I stay put? Where, oh where, is God? In fact, a few months ago, I found myself in a Publix parking lot bawling, crying out to God, and beating my steering wheel. . .And I have complete faith that one day, it will be a scene in a movie. Complete with pouring rain and dramatic music. God sent help almost immediately, but what if I had just been still? I don’t know what would have happened, but it’s worth a shot.

Today, I opened Angie Smith’s book “Mended.” God immediately spoke to me as I read her statement, “I don’t have to scribble and scratch my way through life feeling like it’s up to me to make all the ends meet. My job is to walk in obedience, always seeking His will. Simple. Well, simple to say, at least! What is a situation that you are facing right now that feels out of control? Where you are tempted to believe that your responsibility is to fix things? Is it possible that what the Lord is asking you to do is really to allow Him some room to mend some things that are broken? Rest in His Word today. He is in the business of making all things new and working all things together for the good of those who love Him.”

How amazing is it that while I’m going through a time of stress, He shows me something like that?! It definitely made me tear up, sitting in awe of His goodness. I love that!

He taught me through Angie Smith’s words that I don’t have to fix it. I’m not always responsible for my situation in life; the only thing I’m responsible for is what I do while He has me here. And then if He moves me around, I follow. Honestly, that’s beyond what I can keep up with! Chief of sinners right here. Paul was wrong on that one. 😉

So to anyone out there in a bad situation, God’s got this under control. He knows what He’s doing.

We just have to wait on Him.

Job 38.