Prince No-Show

ImageI am placing the blame on my dad for two things in my life: my love of Oreos and my love of fairy-tales. Because when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, my dad would watch Beauty and the Beast (or some other Disney movie) and eat Oreos with me. Now, who feeds a one-year-old Oreos? My dad, apparently, is a crazy man.

As I got older, boys became top priority. At age 3, it was some kid at pre-school named Marshall who I played “Kitchen” with. What kind of 3-year-old has a crush? The same kind who grew up on Oreos and Beauty and the Beast. Not my fault, people.

At age 5, it was some kid my mom babysat named Zack who laid one on me while we were playing “House.”*cough*

At age 6, it was some boy named Brian who I went to kindergarten with. And let’s be real honest here, my mom was the one instigating that one. Once again. . . Oreos and Beauty and the Beast, folks. 

Then there were the two brothers I liked at church. That lasted about 8 years. No big. 

Somewhere in there was the boy in fifth grade that I thought was cute. He’s probably going bald by now. Yeah.

I would (and still do) get so caught up in daydreaming about being whisked away, just like Cinderella. Even though that was unrealistic, that’s what I always wanted to happen. I remember daydreaming that my “Prince Charming” would stroll up into the yard and save me from having to mow the lawn. Yeah, that never happened…bum.

Since I was a kid, there have been others. But we’re not going to talk about that. *cough* Because bottom line, I’m still single. In fact, I’m so single I’ve never even been asked out. And you know what? I’m here to tell you that’s OK. 

Warning: The following message will not be found in any Taylor Swift song.

Let’s face it. Being single is hard. Sure, it can be fun with a group of 5 super single friends gathered around a chick-flick with enough chocolate to put Hershey to shame, hating on guys and making fun of those sappy, googly-eyed girls. . .but what do you do when one by one, those same friends start relationships of their own?

Furthermore, what do you do when those friends are suddenly getting engaged? One minute you’re a happy person, next thing you know you’re over-eating at a wedding reception, checking out the groomsmen. Not that I would ever do that…*cough*

Before you know it, your mind wanders to that one guy you would want to date. . .

Why couldn’t he just like me?

We would be perfect together!

He’s cute, I’m cute…I’m not seeing what the problem is here.

Well…he made eye contact with me that one time…but I swear those eyes were screaming, “Marry me, beautiful!”

And you know what? Maybe he would be perfect for you. Maybe he does feel the same way. But guess what, Poppet? As well-thought-out as your plan is, God’s plan is always better. If you are striving to live for God but you’re single, there’s a reason for that. You’re not ready. . . he’s not ready. . . who knows? I personally like to believe that whoever Mr. Perfect is just can’t handle this much awesome right now. Believe what you want.

All I’ve got to say is that God will bring the right one at the right time and it’s up to us to simply trust Him. If we don’t, we could end up messing something up big time. 

God says in Isaiah 55:8-“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” 

God has a different way of dealing with things than we do. While we tend to rush into things, God waits patiently until the right time. He knows what the right time is for these things, so we’re just going to have to trust Him.

And hey, being single isn’t all bad. Go walk around the mall in socks and Adidas sandals. Enjoy not having to text someone 24/7. Hang out with friends. Live it up, yo!

But above all else, trust in God to bring the right one along at the right time.


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