“Creation’s Revealing Your Majesty”

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”-Anne Frank

Last Sunday morning, my family left for church and on the way stopped off at McDonald’s for some breakfast. My dad went in to order, but unfortunately, one of the workers was extremely rude to him and that resulted in him leaving. So, no breakfast for us.

By this time, it was 10:24 a.m. and I declared that I was not going to walk into church late. (The church we’ve been attending has one main side door to where if someone is late, it makes it practically impossible to slip in undetected. And that’s kind of embarrassing. Especially when you’re new. Not that it’s a good excuse. . .)

Dad started the van and then, he just started driving. In the complete opposite direction of church. He drove by home, as well, so we weren’t exactly sure what was going on. Soon enough, we realized he was headed to the mountains–to the place so many memories have occurred.

He just drove.

My family has a history of skipping church and just taking a drive, so this wasn’t really unusual to any of us. It was nice. We drove by the trees with their changing colors, we drove by that one slab of rock that always has water running down it and we drove down endless, winding roads.

Eventually, we reached the hot spot: Cracker Barrel.

. . .my family has a history with that restaurant as well. . .

We ate and talked and bought some peppermint sticks (classic!), and then we stopped by another store on our way home.

It was just so peaceful and lovely. I love those trips so, so much.

I think yes, you should be in church on Sunday (especially if it is a school requirement. . .whoops. . .), but there are some days where I firmly believe you’re just as blessed by taking off and marveling at God’s creation. Every time I go to those mountains, I can’t help but stare in awe. Some may think that’s what Saturday is for, but for me it will always be Sunday. What better day to look at what He has created?

He is so wonderful.

Psalms 97:6 “The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory.”